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Andorrans to Travel Through EU Visa-Free

Authorities have clarified that the citizens of Andorra, the tiny landlocked country located between Spain and France, will not need a visa to travel through the European Union. The European Union will implement the European Travel Information and Authorization Service (ETIAS) by 2020 in response to the growing threat of terrorism across the continent.

In theory, the ETIAS proposal presented to the European Commission last November included provisions restricting travel among the Schengen countries. This would mean that countries that currently do not form a part of the E.U. would have to apply for a travel visa in order to travel throughout the continent.

Andorra is not a formal member of the European Union. It is a member of the European Economic Area but is not a formal member of the 28-member bloc, which means that its rules around borders and immigration are slightly different.

The Andorran Foreign Affairs Minister, however, clarified that article 2.2 of the proposed ETIAS regulations indicate that the citizens of “Andorra, Monaco, and San Marino and the holders of a passport issued by the Vatican” are exempt from the rules and thus will see no changes in their travel possibilities.

Earlier in June 2017, the European Council presented its agreements regarding the ETIAS regulations set forth by the European Commission. This is largely considered the starting point for negotiations maintained by the state as a whole regarding the implementation of ETIAS. The Andorran government thus insists that the citizens of this country will be exempt from any travel restrictions.

ETIAS has already received backing from the ministers of the 28-member EU bloc for implementation by 2020. The process would be relatively simple, and consists of a an application with security questions and a nominal fee. After, passengers would receive travel authorization to enter the Schengen Zone.