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argentina eases visa requirements for dominicans to travel to the country

Argentina eases visa requirements for Dominicans

Argentina eases visa requirements for Dominicans. Foreign Minister Miguel Vargas, announced adjustments to the Argentina visa policy will benefit its citizens. The changes are in favor of Dominican nationals who travel to the South American country for tourism purposes and have a valid visa to the United States or to the European Union. As of date, Dominicans with ordinary passports with United States type B1 or B2 visas or a European Union Schengen visa can apply to the Electronic Travel Authorization System (AVE). Dominicans will need to meet a series of requirements to apply for a visa with multiple entries, which will allow a stay of up to 90 days in Argentine territory.

The disposition of the government of Argentina was issued by resolution of July 23, 2018, and entered into force this February of 2019, in favor of Dominicans traveling to Argentina for tourism purposes. This move is part of an effort of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MIREX) to strengthen the Dominican passport and make it easier for its citizens to travel abroad.

"MIREX has set in motion a set of measures aimed at ensuring that a greater number of countries allow Dominican nationals to access their territories, as tourists, without the need to obtain a visa in advance," the Chancellor said. "Today, with great pleasure, we announce the willingness of the Argentine government to make the visa requirement more flexible for Dominican nationals holding ordinary passports with a valid visa from the United States of America, in the category B1/B2, and of Schengen visa," he said.

The Foreign Minister also recalled that the elimination of visas has been achieved with 16 countries. Among the countries that have abolished visas for Dominicans traveling to their territories for tourism or business are Brazil, Honduras, Paraguay, Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala, and Nicaragua.

Miguel Vargas said that among the objectives of this strategy, they wish to improve the conditions of tourist travel of Dominican nationals carrying ordinary passports and increase the value of the passport internationally.  He added that based on the principle of reciprocity, his management at MIREX has worked to achieve the signing of agreements with countries that already have tourist visa exemptions to enter the Dominican Republic, promoting cooperation and bilateral tourism.

To travel to Argentina for tourism purposes, those interested can apply for the electronic visa by meeting the following requirements: holding a United States visa or a Schengen visa valid for more than four months. Dominican applicants should submit a reasoned request for a short-stay tourist visit, with more than 20 days in advance of the trip.

The announcement of visa changes for Dominicans was addressed by the Ambassador of Argentina, Nora Elizabeth Capello.