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Azerbaijan evisa in three hours

Visiting Azerbaijan has become much easier and simpler. It is now possible to get an Azerbaijan eVisa to enter the country in just three hours. Previous to this development it could be notoriously difficult to get into the Eurasian country situated in the Caucasus.

As part of the government's effort to open the country up to tourism, they have completely changed the visa application system, making it much simpler and quicker. It used to take three days. Citizens of 93 different countries will now be able to get the Azerbaijan evisa for a stay of up to 90 days. For a full list of countries which are eligible click here.

The application process has been simplified into a three-step process: 

Step 1 - Complete online application

Step 2 - Make payment

Step 3- Receive approved e-visa

To apply for an eVisa to Azerbaijan click here.

In line with the new decree, Azerbaijan’s leading e-Government institution (ASAN), should ensure that electronic visa applications, for people who want to get an Azerbaijan eVisa, are completed within three hours.


Tourism in Azerbaijan on the rise

"This resolution will increase the tourists flow to the country not only for the beautiful autumn season but also for the rest of the year." Rashid Al Noori, chairman, Representative Office of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan in GCC.

Tourism in Azerbaijan currently contributes 4.5 percent to Armenia's GDP but this is set to rise. The oil-rich country has been investing in infrastructure and tourist facilities including ski and golf hotels.

Rashid Al Noori, chairman, Representative Office of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan said: "Arab tourists take the first position among tourists visiting Azerbaijan, followed by travelers from Russia. In July only, 330,000 people visited the country, and we anticipate that the figure will go up significantly... We expect to inaugurate direct flights from Jeddah to Saudi Arabia to Baku soon."

Nahid Bagirov, Chairman of the Azerbaijan Tourism Association, said that the influx of tourists to Azerbaijan this summer will increase by 15-20 percent in comparison to last summer. "Azerbaijan is becoming an increasingly attractive destination for tourists from Europe, Asia and America and their number is also growing. Hotels in Azerbaijan are almost completely booked until the end of September," he said.

Known as 'the country of fire', Azerbaijan has a lot to offer touristically. The east-meets-west destination has numerous UNESCO sites and is blessed with an astonishing variety of natural landscapes which includes snowcapped mountains, gorges, deserts, subtropical forests, waterfalls and mud volcanoes.

The population is 9.7 million and the capital city of Azerbaijan is Baku, which homes around a quarter of the national population. Its growing number of skyscrapers are a visible sign of its intention to become the Dubai of the Caspian Sea.

Azerbaijan's history has come under the influence Perian, Russian, Turkish and Arab rule and has a rich, diverse culture as a result. The majority of the population are Shia Muslim, though many are secular. Azerbaijan is a friendly, tolerant, liberal country which, in 1918, became both the first Islamic democracy in the world and the first to give women the vote.

Hiking is very popular in Azerbaijan. Its varying terrain homes a vast range of wildlife including bears, wolves, leopards and countless species of birds (especially in the Caucasus). There are also miles of beautiful, sandy, peaceful beaches by the Caspian Sea.

With the floodgates opening to tourists, the best time to visit Azerbaijan is now.