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Brazil e-visas contributes to the country's economy

Brazil e-Visa boosts Brazilian economy

The Brazil e-Visa was launched earlier this year, in February, and it has resulted in a boost to the Brazilian economy and an increase in visa applications. The Brazilian Ministry of Tourism reports that since the electronic system was set in place for citizens from the US, Japan, Canadá and Australia the country has seen a surge of visa applications between February and July, up by 42 percent from the same period last year.

Analysists have estimated that this increase in foreign visitors contributes with 41.2 million USD to the country's economy. Before the e-Visa for Brazil was launched, citizens from the four eligible countries had to apply for a visa through an embassy. Tourism Minister Marx Beltrao said, "If we want to compete for the international tourist, we have to end the bureaucracy and spread the red carpet for them to choose our destinations, shake the economy, and create jobs in our country." The electronic visa to Brazil simplifies the process of obtaining a visa and makes it easier for applicants to obtain it.

In order to get a Brazil e-Visa, the applicant needs to have a valid passport, a passport-sized photo, an email address and a debit or credit card to pay for the respective visa fee. Travellers can complete the online Brazil e-Visa form with their personal details and passport information.  Once an application has been completed, the applicant will receive a response within 72 hours. This quick response is one of the advantages of obtaining a Brazil e-Visa online. The applicant no longer needs to wait weeks to receive news of their visa and they also do not need to travel to an embassy to apply for it.

Brazil e-Visa available for four countries

The U.S., Australia, Japan and Canada were identified as strong markets to which the electronic visa could be targeted. Though Brazil has visitors from all over the world, citizens of these four countries have shown increased interested in the beautiful South American country. Since the electronic visa became available 95 417 applications were submitted online to visit Brazil, making up eighty percent of all visa applications.

Canadian applicants are up by 50 percent compared to 2017, and applications from the US have increased by 45 percent since the visa application became available online. Australian applications registered a 35 percent increase and applications from Japan rose by 23 percent. In the month of July, the United States had submitted the most visa applications, followed by Japan.

Vinícius Lummertz, Brazil's Minister of Tourism, said, "We need to open our country to visitors from other countries and thus bring in a new foreign exchange to move the Brazilian economy." The vast country has much to offer to any foreign visitor, from exotic beaches to lush nature reserves, to vibrant and lively cities, Brazil is a country worth exploring.