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Egypt Evisa Officially Launched

Egypt evisa officially launched

A cultural gem, Egypt has attracted inquisitive visitors for many years. However, as travel evolves, so do the immigration laws and requirements to move across borders. The President of Egypt, Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi will officially launch the Egypt e-visa at the inauguration of the annual Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

Back in March, Egypt's Tourism Minister Yehia Rashed said, "Under this system, any tourist anywhere in the world will have the right to apply for an electronic visa." Egypt joins in many countries, like the US and Canada, that have established electronic visas in order to improve border control and immigration security.

The Egypt e-visa will allow foreign visitors travel to the country for tourism or business purposes. In order to obtain the Egypt visa, travelers of eligible countries will have to complete Egypt's e-visa online application form.

Egypt e-visa: Relevant information

Among the Egypt visa requirements, the applicant must be from one of the eligible countries, for example, citizens from Australia, Canada, the US, and most European countries. The traveler should have a passport with a minimum validity of 8 months from the date of arrival. The duration of the trip cannot exceed 30 consecutive days.

The Egypt e-visa application form will require that the traveler completes basic personal information along with the travel documents details. It is also necessary to provide an email address and a telephone number. The applicant must have a valid payment method such as a debit or credit card.

When completing the Egypt electronic visa application all travelers are requested to fill in the details of their travel dates and the main purpose of their trip.

Egypt Evisa is official

Travel advice when applying for Egypt e-visa

Before submitting the Egypt e-visa form, applicants must make sure that they have answered all the questions on the form. It is imperative that the person completing the online application provides truthful and up to date information in all of the required fields. Any incorrect info in the registration might result in a denied tourist visa.

Similar to many other countries, the Egypt e-visa carries a fee that should be paid when completing the online form. Another aspect of the visa to keep in mind is that the Egypt electronic visa is valid for a single entry, meaning, it can be used once for a stay of maximum 30 days. If the visitors wishes to extend their stay, work or study in Egypt, they should apply for a different kind of visa or working permit. The Egypt e-visa cannot be used to work or study in the country.

All travelers from eligible countries who arrive in Egypt must have an approved Egypt electronic visa, failure to do so can result in a denied entry. Even though there's an online application available, those who wish to visit Egypt should apply for the e-visa in advance in case that additional supporting documentation is requested.