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Egyptian eVisa

Egypt Launches Electronic Visa System

Egypt has launched a new electronic visa system on June 1, 2017 that is designed to improve border controls for tourists who wish to visit the country. Yasser al-Qady, Egyptian Minister of Communications and Information Technology, announced that the country has followed the lead of other nations and now offers an electronic visa system for tourists interested in visiting Egypt.

The new Egyptian electronic visa system bears similarities to those used in other popular tourist destinations, including India, Australia, and Canada. The visa approval process of these programs is relatively straightforward. Tourists fill out a form with their personal details, travel plans, and any security information. Then, after paying the fee, the appropriate authorities will grant or deny the electronic visa and the applicant will be notified via email.

Egyptian eVisa Application Process and Documentation

Egyptian eVisa Application Process and Documentation

“Tourists will be able to apply for a visa online via a barcode they will receive,” Minister al-Qady explains. “After the approval of the Egyptian authorities, a copy of the visa is sent to them electronically.”

The electronic visa eases the workload of border control agents, as tourists can now receive their approved Egyptian eVisa before they arrive in the country. It also speeds up the entry process for visitors to Egypt, which helps foment tourism to the region that in recent years has seen its number of visitors plummet.

Any tourist anywhere in the world will have the right to apply for an electronic visa,” Yehia Rashed, Egyptian Tourism Minister, recently told reporters in Dubai. While the official list of countries eligible for an electronic visa has not yet been published, the number of potential visitors who can visit Egypt without the need to first stop by an embassy or consulate for a traditional visa is set to grow significantly.

Rashed also clarified that the new Egyptian electronic visa system will mean that other visa procedures will likely be affected, such as regulations regarding Gulf citizens applying for a visa-on-arrival at the airport. Moreover, restrictions once established for visitors from the Maghreb countries have been lifted, stimulating even more tourism throughout North Africa.

In other regions of the world, the implementation of an electronic visa systems have caused an increase in requests for tourist visas, which in turn spurs tourism and economic growth. Egyptian authorities hope that the electronic tourist visa for Egypt will have a similar effect on the country.

The Egyptian government launched the Egypt eVisa project on June 1.