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cancun viaje mexico

5 fascinating places you need to visit in Mexico

Mexico is a country full of beauty: we can talk about nature, culture, traditions, gastronomy, history, and people in each one of its destinations. Travelers from all around the world go to Mexico to meet beautiful beaches, magic towns (called “Pueblos Mágicos”), incredibles cities and to have unique experiences…things that you need to see with your own eyes and live once in your life
Mexico is an interestingly diverse country, where you can find a lot of places that will leave you breathless. That’s why today we want to introduce you 5 amazing places you should visit at least once. For more information about them (and many others) and for any kind of advices go to El Viajero Fisgón México:

1. - Cancún, Quintana Roo

One of the most attractive places in Mexico. Fabulous resorts and beautiful beaches are waiting for you. Go for amazing adventures in Xel-Há, Xplor and Xcaret (the three are incredible adventures parks for all the family), another option could be to visit the interactive aquarium, where you can appreciate the marine life. If you go to Cancun you must not forget to visit Bacalar, Pueblo Mágico where you will see a fascinating lagoon of seven colors. But if you have extra time you could also visit Chichen Itzá in Yucatán and learn about Mexican prehispanic history.

Cancun is an ideal place for relaxation, to practice aquatic sports, for party and to admire incomparable landscapes.

cancun viaje mexico

2. - Barrancas del Cobre, Chihuahua

Longer and deeper than the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA, the Copper Canyon is made up of six distinct canyons in the Sierra Madre Occidental, through them you can discover magical corners in the middle of nature and perform extreme activities such as rappelling, mountain biking or rafting; also activities like camping and bird watching are available. Traveling on the famous train El Chepe is definitely a must.

barracas de cobre mexico

3. - Sayulita, Nayarit

Sayulita is in the Bay of Banderas, south of the state of Nayarit; it’s a small town on the shores of the Pacific Ocean that has earned the name of "The capital of surfing in Mexico", because during the summer surfers from all over the world are present there, its incredible waves make it the ideal place to surf. It also has a very active nightlife and beautiful landscapes full of vegetation. There are a lot of reasons why you should visit Sayulita, go and discover them yourself.

sayulita mexico viaje

4. - San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato

Recognized as the “best city in the world” by Travel+Leisure magazine (in New York) thanks to its cultural, artistic and gastronomic heritage, San Miguel de Allende has too much to offer: walk through its cobblestone streets, admire the architectural beauty of its buildings and enjoy the atmosphere and hospitality of its people. The main attraction is its Parish, a beautiful temple of the end of the century and the hallmark of the city.
In 2008 was recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

san miguel mexico

5. -Hierve el agua, Oaxaca

Oaxaca is a fascinating destination, rich in culture, history, delicious gastronomy and many places to visit, like the archaeological site of Monte Albán, the widest tree in the world: el Tule, and of course Hierve el Agua.

The site consists of two rock shelves or cliffs which rise between fifty and ninety meters from the valley below, from which extend nearly white rock formations which look like waterfalls. Two mineral pools sit at the edge of the cliff, full of calcium carbonate, magnesium, and just enough sulphur to lend them a yellow hue.
An unforgettable view.

Hierve el agua, Oaxaca

Have you ever been in Mexico? Tell us about your favorite place in there!