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New Iran Online Visa

Iran’s ICHTO (Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization) has approved and begun to implement the new Iran online visa that plans to promote and increase tourism in Iran. In the last year, many other countries have also chosen to electronify the visa process, enabling travelers to obtain an eVisa prior to departure.

The modernization of the visa process forms part of a larger initiative that Iran plans to take in order to cope with restrictions that the US has imposed on those who wish to travel to Iran.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry, the Law Enforcement Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Passport Department Mojtaba are all working together to implement the new Iran online visa system and make the necessary arrangements. At present, it has been announced by the Head of Foreign Ministry’s Visa and Passport Department that no entry or exit stamp will be required for those entering Iran with an electronic visa.

The initiative has sparked following the US’s decision to restrict travelers from entering the US after having visited certain Middle Eastern countries, including Iran.

You can request and obtain an electronic visa for Iran in 110 international and domestic airports. The validity of the visa is the same period of time for either a standard visa issued at an embassy or an electronic visa. The Iran online visa will enable visitors to receive an approved visa prior to visiting Iran.

Iran is a fascinating country with an ancient history that many choose to explore every year. Through establishing the International Tourism Industry Exhibition and taking new initiatives to increase tourism, global reports suggest that Iran is a safe place to travel and even compares with Western Europe in some respects.

The variety of ancient sites that tourists visit include 17 individual sites recognised as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Iran is one of the world’s most intriguing tourist sites and continues to grow as a top travel destination. Applying to visit Iran with an Iran online visa will make visiting Iran even easier, with visitors applying online instead of visiting an embassy.

The number of tourists who visited Iran in 2018 has already doubled the amount of people who visited the previous year in 2017. In a period of just six months in 2018, over 6 million tourists visited Iran. This period of time is recorded from March to August 2018, although the best time to visit Iran is considered to be in the spring and autumn, as summer and winter tend to have drastically hot and cold temperatures.

Thanks to the new electronic visa system, visitors can travel to Iran with an Iran online visa and arrange their visa prior to departure without visiting an embassy.