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Japan Launches eVisa for UAE Nationals

After their meeting on Monday, Shaikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe have notified their nations that from July 1, 2017, nationals of UAE will be able to enter Japan visa-free for tourism or non-remunerated business purposes.

This agreement comes after talks regarding cooperation between the two nations. The aim is to improve the already friendly relationship concerning trade, investment and economic pacts in addition to the freedom of movement of their citizens.

Japan eVisa terms

The eVisa that Japan has proposed for Emiratis who hold e-passports requires applicants to complete an online form. They will also need to pre-register with the local embassy or consulate in the UAE.

The embassy for Japan in Abu Dhabi announced that the new Japanese visa-waiver system will speed up the current visa application process greatly. It will also simplify the procedure considerably for both applicants and staff.

Those UAE citizens who have an e-passport will simply need to fill out the online form and take their passport to the nearest embassy or consulate. The embassy or consulate will register the citizen's passport overnight before applicants can make their way to Japan to enjoy the land of the rising sun and the wonders it has to offer.

  • The Japanese eVisas will allow UAE citizens entry into Japan for a maximum stay of 30 days.
  • The validity of the eVisa for Japan will be 3 years.
  • UAE citizens can register in any Japanese embassy or consulate in the world,
  • and it is totally free of charge!

There’s no need for Emiratis to have a trip to Japan planned either. Citizens can also register with no programmed travel arrangements in case of future use. As well as this, UAE citizens can give permission to family members to apply for them, making it easier to get the visa paperwork done.

Those citizens who apply for the eVisa can then enjoy multiple trips to Japan during the 3 year validity period as long as their e-passport remains valid during this time. If the eVisa or ePassport expires, before visiting Japan again, the citizen will need to re-apply.

Japan eVisa Exceptions

Citizens from UAE who already hold a traditional tourist visa for Japan do not need to register and apply for the eVisa before visiting until this visa expires.

Also any UAE nationals holding diplomatic passports, traveling to Japan for less than 90 days, do not have to apply either.

Any Emiratis wishing to remain in Japan for longer than the permitted 30 days will have to apply for a traditional embassy visa before traveling.

With the inclusion of this new system, citizens of the UAE now have visa-free access to 121 countries around the world for reasons of tourism and business.