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Mexicans with US Visa turned away at border

Mexicans with US Visa turned away at border


This summer has seen the limiting effects of the new Trump administration's Mexican immigration rules in full swing. The rigorous new requirements have meant that 20 Mexicans in possession of valid US visas or full US resident cards have been turned away at the border because of physical defects in their documents, according to the Matamoros Chamber of Commerce.

It is now necessary to ensure all US entry documents are up-to-date and in perfect conditions. There can be no tears, creases or marks on a US visa or US residents permit. The simple fact of having the full legal US entry visas or residency is no longer enough.

What happens when Mexicans have damaged US papers?

A Mexican ex-consul in Chicago has explained that any Mexican citizens with US papers should double check their documents for the slightest defect. The US Immigration and Border Control now have the ability to confiscate the documents in question and refuse entry to the country to that individual.

Border Control officers have been granted more power to be able to use their personal discretion to deny entry to the US. This means that they can refuse entry even to those Mexican citizens who hold valid US entry documents, whether it be a tourist ESTA visa or a full legal US residency.

Careful inspection of US travel documents

Advice for Mexicans to renew US visa

Authorities recommend that all Mexican citizens inspect their visas and residence cards before traveling to the US from Mexico in order to avoid any trouble at the border crossing.

If the US entry visa or other travel documents are in less than perfect condition, citizens are recommended to renew their US travel documents as soon as possible. To do so, Mexican citizens will have to visit the corresponding consulate offices.

Advice for Mexicans to renew US visa

Before renewing US travel documents, Mexican citizens are reminded to keep a copy of all their papers including visas, residence cards etc. so that they have all the necessary information when they go to the US migration office.

Entry requirements for Mexicans to travel to the US have been made stricter and more complicated since February of this year due to the change in US government. It is possible that more Mexicans will be refused entry to America despite having their papers in order in the future.