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New Electronic Visa System for Egypt available soon

The Egyptian Government have announced that they will be introducing a new electronic system for transmitting visas from May 2017. This means that Egypt joins the likes of India, Kenya and Cambodia among others who have all enjoyed an increase in tourist visa petitions since launching their various online visa application systems.

The electronic visa project was proposed to and approved by the Egyptian Cabinet in March of this year. They have stated that it would be ready to use in May.

The aim is to make Egypt’s passport control system compatible with others around the world whilst reforming the immigration process.

The government also hopes that the Egyptian eVisa system will make the visa application process in itself easier for tourists and business travelers prior to their arrival as well as, as stated by the Egyptian Minister of Communications and Information Technology Yasser al-Qady, easing the procedure for border security at the destination airport.

How the Egyptian eVisa will work?

The electronic visa process for travelers entering Egypt will be available for foreign nationals from a number of countries. As of yet the official list has not been made public but it will most likely allow citizens from countries that are currently eligible for the visa-on-arrival to apply online for their Egyptian electronic visa or eVisa.

This would include most European countries, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, UK and the USA.

Much the same as other online tourist visa applications, the Egyptian eVisa will permit travelers to organize their travel permission before leaving home and therefore shorten the time spent standing in line upon arrival. It will have a similar process to those that current online travel authorizing bodies use to grant e-visas.

STEP 1: Each applicant will need to complete an online form with personal information and data from their passport in addition to possible extra information in certain cases, yet to be confirmed.

STEP 2: The applicant must pay the government fee via credit or debit card.

STEP 3: The traveler will then receive their approved visa for Egypt via e-mail.

The process as a whole may take as little as a few hours or up to a few days but it will be a vast improvement on the weeks that it currently takes to request a travel visa for Egypt when an applicant sends off his or her passport via normal mail to the embassy or consulate.