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Sharp Rise in eVisa Applications to Malaysia from Chinese and Indian Citizens

This year has seen a spike in the number of tourists applying for e-visa services to visit Malaysia, especially from Chinese and Indian nationals.

Since the eVisa for Malaysia was established in January 2016 by the Immigration Department of Malaysia, tourists from eligible countries have been able to apply online for their Malaysia eVisa.

The Chairman of Tourism Malaysia, Siew Ka Wei, has stated that there has been a total of nearly 285,000 tourists from China applying for eVisa services online between March 2016 and April 2017.

While the Malaysia eVisa applications by Indian tourists have increased by 91% from March to April, seeing a rise from nearly 36,500 to over 69,500 visitors applying online before traveling to Malaysia.

It is very likely that these two highly populated regions will continue to visit Malaysia either for tourism directly in the country or in transit to other nations as the conditions of the eVisa for Malaysia are modified and restructured to allow multipurpose travel for certain eligible citizens.

Other nations in the Southeast Asian region are also growing in terms of tourism and China and India are considered among the most important markets in the tourist sector. Malaysia in particular has implemented several new conditions including the Malaysia eVisa online services in order to encourage tourism from these and other foreign nations.

The Malaysian Association of Tours and Travel Agents (MATTA) announced that they hope to reach an astounding six million Chinese visitors by 2020 with another 1.5 million from India by the same date.