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Top 6 Summer Destinations for 2017

The sun burns more brightly in the sky. Beaches the world over are packed with parasols, swimmers, and sunbathers. Barbeques that start early and end late take place at parks and in backyards everywhere. All of this can only mean one thing: summer has finally arrived. And so have summer vacations to fabulous destinations all over the world.

Thinking about where to go this summer, but need some inspiration? We’ve compiled a list of the top 6 summer destinations for 2017  you could visit to make for an unforgettable summer holiday.

6. Sicily (Italy)

Sicily is one of the best spots for a summertime European vacation. Though the temperatures can be sizzling in August, early summer is the best time to visit for some of delicious seafood, craft beer and wine and, of course, homemade pasta. With 11 Michelin-starred restaurants and some of the biggest UNESCO sites in the world, you’ll have plenty of things to do. Don’t miss out on one of the most beautiful summer destinations in Europe.

5. Copenhagen (Denmark)

Can’t handle the heat and are looking for a different summer destination? Head to Copenhagen. Summertime in the Danish capital isn’t blistering like it is in other parts of the world and you might even need a light jacket at times. While you’re there, visit the famous Little Mermaid at Langelinie Pier and stroll through the world-renowned Tivoli Gardens. Copenhagen is known for being one of the most walkable cities in Europe and after your visit, you’ll see why.    

Copenhague Summer Destination for 2017

4.  Las Vegas (United States)

Sizzle in the City of Sin, the ultimate summer destination. There’s no limits to what you can do in Las Vegas: with dozens of casinos (Caesar’s Palace, the Luxor), fancy restaurants, and some of the most fascinating entertainment in the world - including shows by famous artists - the city is perfect for those looking for a truly unforgettable experience. Remember, though, that if you’re not an American citizen, you’ll need to apply for an ESTA before you arrive.

3. Bali (Indonesia)

If you’re looking for natural wonders, look no farther than the Indonesian island of Bali. Whether it’s the shrine at Tirta Empul or the temple at Uluwatu, you’re sure to find ancient history ensconced among tropical rainforests and idyllic beaches. If you visit in June, before the high season starts, you’re sure to find impressive deals at this summer destination. While you're there, make sure to sample some of the local fare, including mie goreng, fried noodles mixed with the meat of your choice.

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2. Barcelona (Spain)

The Catalan capital is one of the best (and most popular) summer destinations. Whether it’s a stroll through the Gothic Quarter and its 14th century architecture or a swim in the Mediterranean at the Barceloneta, Barcelona has something for everyone. Moreover, there are outdoor concerts and cultural activities to take a break from the heat. Make sure to travel in late spring or early summer, as the humidity can be suffocating in August.

1. Sydney (Australia)

Australia’s largest city is known for housing a number of touristic sights, including the Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge, and Bondi Beach. Because of its location in the Southern Hemisphere, a visit Down Under means you’ll be able to escape some of the summertime heat. Remember that you can apply for a travel authorization before you arrive - something that has also recently been implemented for Indian citizens as well - making it an accessible summer destination.