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Visa-free destinations for Indian citizens

Visa-free destinations for Indian citizens

Indian citizens currently may travel to 49 countries visa-free or with a visa on arrival. According to the Henley Visa Restrictions index, The Indian passport is 87th in terms of travel freedom. In April 2017, Indonesia, Mozambique, Mauritania, Serbia, Qatar, Malaysia and Ukraine lifted their visas for Indian nationals. As off Septemeber 1st, Indians can apply for an e-visa to go to Kyrgyzstan for tourism or business purposes. Serbia officially abolished visa requirements for Indians, on the second of September.

There are top 10 destinations where Indians can take advantage of a free-visa status. Read below to find out:

Top ten countries where Indians can travel visa-free

Travel restrictions for Indian citizens are being lifted in several regions. However, there are some destinations where Indian citizens can travel with more ease than others.

Nepal: Indian citizens can enter the country by simply presenting a photo identity document issued by the Indian government. The country of Nepal lures in travelers with its unique adventure possibilities. There's the UNESCO World Heritage site of Bhaktapur and the Bhaktapur Kingdom must be in any traveler's plans.

Hong Kong: there's no need for a visa if the stay is shorter than 14 days. The lively and multicultural city of Hong Kong offers any visitor the opportunity to visit Disneyland, Ocean Park, and Lantau Island. Lan Kwai Fond has vibrant night-life.

Macau: nationals of India are not required to apply for a visa to visit Macau, famously known for its gaming and entertainment industry. When in Macau, Indian citizens can enjoy spectacular city views from the Macau Tower.

Indians can visit Macau visa-free

Jamaica: known for its laid-back vibe, the country of reggae music is the 4th largest island country in the Caribbean. Indian citizens can stay in Jamaica for up to 30 days visa-free.

Haiti: upon arrival, citizens of India should present a passport, valid for a minimum of six months. Visitors get 90 days or three months stay, visa-free. The country experienced a devastating earthquake in 2010, but it is still worth discovering.

Micronesia: featuring 2,100 islands, this beautiful country mesmerizes with its ruins, nature, and history. Indian citizens can stay in Micronesia 30 days without a visa.

Dominica: Indians can stay up to six months in the country visa-free. Dominica is home to the Trafalgar Falls, this lush country offers wild flora and fauna.

Maldives: heaven on earth perhaps? It is the smallest Asian country in area and population. There are white beaches, crystal clear waters and an underwater world worth discovering.

Indians can travel visa-free to the Maldives

Cambodia: though it has a painful past and the country is still recovering, there's much beauty and history. Indian citizens can apply for an e-visa to smooth their entrance, or just get one upon arrival. Both are a valid option.

Cook Islands: home to Aitutaki and blue lagoons. The country has a range of water sports for all ages and tastes. Visa on arrival is available.

Although we have not added Malaysia to this list, it is increasingly becoming a top choice for both Indian and Chineses citizens. Malaysia's Kuala Lumpur is a wonderful sight at night.